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From the beautiful hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast
» Vegan and Cruelty Free «

Tula Naturals are created in Mother Nature’s haven – Noosa – using locally sourced, natural organic ingredients. We do not use animal derivatives or by-products and our products and ingredients are never tested on animals.

We love what we do and we want you to love it too. Natural products, 100% plant based that encourage a healthy lifestyle and give back to the environment. Preservatives are not a part of anything we use, yet our oils and serums have a 12 month shelf life through the use of the highest quality organic botanical extracts and vitamins.

Our luxurious handmade skincare range has been designed to promote health and well-being because we genuinely care about the health of your skin.

At Tula Naturals we are committed to using sustainable packaging and our formulations and ingredients are all biodegradable.  Our labels and marketing materials are all made from paper or recycled paper and our minimal packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable.

Talk to us about your skincare needs. We encourage you to go organic and try Tula Naturals today, not only will you glow with health and vitality, you’ll be doing something for our planet too.

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All our products are:
Soy Free * Dairy Free * Gluten Free * Preservative Free * Grain Free * Alcohol Free * Chemical Free

100% plant based and natural – no alcohol, chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

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